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Shelter is not enough

Living environment for refugees in Switzerland

Zurich, 28 April 2017Save the date

In collaboration with the Heimatschutzzentrum, Architecture for Refugees Switzerland initiated an exhibition in Zurich between April and October 2017 presenting the living and housing situations of people seeking asylum in Switzerland. The exhibition is conceptualized as a platform for exchange between visitors, refugees and experts.

Accommodations for asylum seekers are often of temporary nature, although many people stay with a longer-term perspective. But a new home means more than just a shelter, particularly for building inclusive communities. In workshops, attendees with an asylum and architecture background present their works as an input for discussion. The findings of the workshop will be integrated into the exhibition.

You can personally contribute by visiting the exhibition or attending one of the workshops. The next one will take place on 17th May with the title “how could the spatial structure look like for the Swiss and for refugees?”.

Other activities include introductory tours and guided city tours “Zurich through the eyes of a refugee” as well as borderless cooking and eating together.