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Integrated Housing and Labour Services in the Social Rental Enterprise Model

HomeLab aims to implement the Social Rental Entreprise (SRE) model in five pilot projects in four Central and Eastern European (CEE) countries (CZ, HU, PL, SK).

The pilots allow the adaptation of the model to the local circumstances in countries with varying social benefit and service provision systems, taking into account the differences in the institutional environment, housing systems and labour market conditions. Based on the experience the refinement of the SRE model will be developed for each pilot that will contribute to scaling up the results, to the possible adaptation of the model both on national and on EU level in order to ensure institutional and financial sustainability beyond the grant period. Furthermore, based on the synthesis of the national models EU level recommendations will be developed with regard to how the EU could support/promote the wider application of the SRE model in other Member States.

The Metropolitan Research Institute (MRI) is the coordinator of HomeLab | Project duration: October 2016 – March 2019

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