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Housing Day 2022: An inventory of Germany's housing market

Andreas Schichel, head of the press office and spokesperson at our German member GdW, tells more

Berlin, 22 February 2022 | Energy

On February 17th, 2022 the 13th edition of the Housing Day (Wohnungsbau-Tag) took place in Berlin. Representatives of the construction and housing industry, as well as top politicians, discussed current figures, facts, data, trends, and prospects of the German housing market. Seven leading associations and organisations of Germany's construction and housing industry that form an alliance of associations organised the event.

A focal point of the event was a new study addressing the status quo of the housing stock in Germany. The study also provides proposals on what measures the German Government could take to achieve its objectives in building new homes and reaching the ambitious climate goals.

To GdW, a major challenge in Germany is the rise of energy efficiency standards which has resulted in higher construction prices, as well as rents that are becoming increasingly unaffordable. The new study, by contrast, shows that the most effective and affordable way of climate protection in the housing sector is to make energy supply climate-friendly and support energy-efficient user behaviour by facilitating easy-to-handle and affordable smart home technologies.

A highlight of the event was a panel discussion with Germany's leading politicians from various parties. The German Minister for economic affairs and climate protection, Robert Habeck from the Green Party emphasised his political focus on rising building efficiency standards, which according to the new study, will make construction and housing even more expensive. Germany's new minister for construction and housing Klara Geywitz put forward her plans to make construction more affordable partly by digitised processes and to enhance financial support for low-income households.   



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