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Agenda Hlm 2015-2018

A benchmark agreement for the French social housing sector

Lyon, 25 September 2014 | Social, Economy
Photo: Union Sociale pour l' Habitat
Photo: Union Sociale pour l' Habitat

Our French member organisation, Union Sociale pour l' Habitat (USH) and the French Government reach an agreement that sets the framework for the social housing sector in France for the years 2015-2018.

The French Prime Minister, Manuel Valls, the French Housing Minister, Sylvia Pinel as well as the Secretary of State responsible for urban issues Myriam El Khomri attended the last day of the 75th edition of the annual USH Conference and formalized thus in the best way possible the agreeement with Union Sociale pour l' Habitat on the so called "Agenda HLM 2015-2018". This roadmap is a triennial agreement that identifies clear goals for the sector to be accomplished by USH and its members with governmental support.

The measures agreed upon include:

  • a vast renovation programme to improve the quality of dwellings of the social housing providers
  • further support of the work of the housing professionals
  • the commitment of the sector to the energy transition, in order to support green growth
  • a fund of 100 million Euros per year for a three years' time to support an experimental project by the housing associations that will be developing 5.000 homes a year at very low rent prices 

This agreement additionally provides the enhanced activation of the HLM organizations, maintaining aids at a level appropriate to the needs of production, the extension of the exemption from Property Tax on buildings (TFPB) for new construction for the duration "Agenda Hlm 2015-2018" to serve the programming objective of 120.000 social rentals provided by HLM organizations.

In total, HLM organizations undertake, through the pooling and activation of their own funds, 350 million euros per year for a period of three years, as part of this "Agenda Hlm 2015-2018".

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