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A "new deal" for energy consumers

The double challenge of effective business models and the fight against fuel poverty

Brussels, 25 March 2016 | Energy, The future of the EU & Housing

The key elements in the discussion on the future energy legislative framework.

Housing Europe has been supportive of a “new deal for energy consumers” that would allow residents/tenants to heat their homes with clean, local and cheaper energy. The use of renewable energy combined with energy efficiency measures is the way forward but we need a good regulatory framework for a effective business models. The EU will have an impact on this framework through the Energy efficiency directive, the energy performance of buildings directive and the legislation on retail energy markets that will all be reviewed and updated in the second semester of this year.

On 7th April, the European Parliament committee on energy issues (ITRE) will vote on the draft report by MEP Theresa Griffin. The report calls for in particular for stable, affordable, sustainable, fair and transparent energy, energy-efficient products and housing as well as measures to empower citizens to produce and store their own clean energy, take energy-saving measures with the view to alleviate energy poverty. Those recommendations will be useful in the discussion on the future energy legislative framework. 

In the meantime, more and more examples showcase the potential of the emerging "prosumers". Nearly 600 of the homes managed by our Northern Irish member organisation, NIHE have had solar panels installed as part of the largest domestic renewable solar PV installation.
The £5m contract, which was signed between NIHE and Saliis Ltd, is based on the ‘rent a roof’ model and has resulted in tenants seeing their savings adding up.

Noel Rice, NIHE Energy Conservation Manager, said: “Fuel poverty remains a major issue for many in Northern Ireland and this initiative can make a significant contribution to combating this amongst our tenants as their fuel costs are lowered. We are delighted with the progress of our solar panel scheme and the positive feedback to date from tenants.”

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