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Cooperative innovation

Report from the 2nd edition of the Alfonso Vázquez Fraile awards

Castillo de Viñuelas, Spain, 30 March 2017 | Social

The ceremony of the 2nd Alfonso Vázquez Fraile Awards, on March 10th, brought together more than 200 representatives of the Spanish Cooperative Housing Movement to celebrate the diverse impact of the sector to the communities across the country.

The award aims to promote, through its different categories, exemplary cooperatives, managing authorities and supplier companies that contribute to the boost of cooperative housing.

All winners and finalists are driven by the cooperative principles and values, which first came to life in 1884 and came into force in Spain in 1911, when the first housing cooperatives were incorporated in the the First Affordable Housing Law, surviving for more than one hundred years now and overcoming several political regimes thanks to the cooperative principle of political and ideological neutrality. These values have made it possible to build about two million homes and renovate hundreds of thousands others that make the everyday life of Spanish households better.

The Alfonso Vázquez Fraile awards, organized by CONCOVI every year, has become the most important annual event in the Spanish housing cooperative world.

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