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Spain: a boost in construction

Cooperatives invest in new, quality homes

Madrid, 12 May 2017 | Economy, Energy

Housing Europe Spanish Cooperative member organisation, CONCOVI- the Confederation of Housing and Renewal Cooperatives of Spain- has published its report about the state of cooperative housing under construction. The total economic volume generated during 2016 by 66 CONCOVI cooperative members in the Community of Madrid amounts to around 1,4 billion Euros.

At the same time, 6,217 homes are currently under construction, generating 25,909 jobs.

In terms of refurbishment, energy efficiency measures are implemented in 14,006 homes corresponding to an economic volume of 76 million euros. Alcalá de Henares (Madrid) and Málaga are the cities which concentrate 90% of the activity. These data are part of the report that CONCOVI will present to the new General Director of Housing at the Ministry of Public Works, Antonio Aguilar Mediavilla.

Additionally, a series of meetings between CONCOVI  and the General Director of Social Economy  of Andalusia, José Roales Galán, is going to lead soon to the establishment of the first Andalusian Federation of Housing and Renewal Cooperatives.

As part of the wider mobilization concerning urban renewal on March 1, CONCOVI visited the premises of "Zaragoza Housing", the public promoter of Housing and Land of the capital of northeastern Spain's Aragon region. The delegation included  Juan Casares, Vice-president of CONCOVI; Enrique Júlvez, President of FACOVI (Aragon Federation of Housing Cooperatives) and its experts in building integral renewal; Maite de Diego, specialist in buildings renewal in Ferrovial (Construction Company) and Juan Rubio from Zaragoza Housing.  The meeting was moderated by the engineering company IDOM with great experience in big renewal projects.

The aim of the workshop was to come up with legal and technical solutions that allow to undertake the renewal of big urban areas in Zaragoza promoting the cooperative model. This working group that came together for the first time will keep on collaborating on this ambitious project gathering professionals, public and private institutions. 

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