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The CLT model

A response to the housing crisis in Brussels & Europe?

Brussels, 22 October 2014Save the date

22 October 2014- Rue Royale, 2-4, 1050 Brussels

The housing accessibility is a longstanding problem along most European countries. According to Eurostat, in 2012, 11.2% of the EU-28 population lived in households that spent more than 40% of their income.

The policy response along with the reckless increase of evictions, far from solving the problem, had increased the discontent of the population giving rise to protests across Europe to claim a right that the crisis seems to have questioned: the right of housing.

The CLT are organizations that purchase land to be managed as a common good, together and in the interest of the community and that exist for 40 years already in the United States. Their aim is to built houses that are affordable to low income people by selling the flats and not the land on which they are built which remains propriety of the CLT. Through this process the CLT model contributes to create a more equitable, united and democratic city.

The evening of the 22nd the CLT Bruxelles will present an alternative answer to the crisis of the housing market today:

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  • 19:00 an introduction by Minister of the Bruxelles-Capital Region Celine Fremault
  • 19:30 presentation of the book “Manuel d’anti-spéculation immobilière”, French translation of “The community Land Trust Reader” (interview of the author John Davis by Geert Van Istendael)
  • 20:00 projection of a short documentary “Comme un escargot” by GSARA on the first CLT pilot project “Le Nid” developed by the CLT in Brussels
  • 20:30 open discussion on the future of the CLT model in Europe with the participation of different representatives and experts at the European and local level.
  • 21:00 the evening will end with a reception offered by the Brussels Capital Region.

Additional information about the event can be found on the event page of CLT Brussels website.

As the number of seats available for the event is limited, you need to confirm your participation by no later than Friday 18th October using the online registration form. The participation is free of charge.

* In case you have any questions regarding registration or the event in general, you may contact Francesca Zaganelli.