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Albania: Sharing experience and advice on housing systems and practice

Housing Europe to support the process of housing policy development

Tirana, Albania, 3 October 2016Save the date

Experts on housing policy and practice from within the Housing Europe membership or external experts recommended by members are invited to support the process of housing policy development in countries without a strong public, cooperative or social housing sector. The first meeting will take place on the occasion of a one-day conference which will take place on 3 October, 2016, in Tirana, Albania.

The “Housing For All” campaign and the role of Housing Associations from the South to the North of Europe

The First Monday of October is established by UN-Habitat as the World Habitat Day to reflect on the state of our towns and cities, and on the basic right of all to adequate shelter.

On this occasion, as well as in the framework of the Housing Europe (HE) “Housing For All” campaign, following the outcomes of the join UNECE and HE capacity building conference, on October 3, 2016, we will get together with housing providers from South to North of Europe to discuss the role of Housing Organizations vis-à-vis the “Housing For All” campaign.

The conference is organized by Minister of Urban Development in cooperation with the National Housing Agency of Albania and Housing Europe – European Federation of Public, Cooperative and Social Housing.

The purpose of the conference is multiple:

  1. To disseminate the messages of the “Housing 4All” campaign and rise awareness of all stakeholders on the need for more attention to housing issues on the Day of World Habitat;
  2. To support the process of housing policy development in countries without a strong public, cooperative or social housing sector;
  3. To support the reform of National Housing Agency and exchange of experiences between housing associations

The conference is planned in two parts. The first part is a high level meeting focused on policies and actions needed at national and international levels to address housing problems. The second part will be conducted in a form of workshops and will address particular subjects with interest for the National Housing Agency of Albania and more broadly for countries that are looking to build and enhance social housing sector.

The expected outcomes of the conference are:

  • A set of recommendations that will be used by NHA in the process of revising and transforming its future role
  • Establishing an informal network of experts on specific issues that will assist countries of South-East Europe to develop social housing sector

Topics and structure of the meeting:

  1. Main housing challenges – housing needs in individual countries
  2. National Policies for Social and Affordable Housing – how to make housing available for all
  3. Role and development of social housing organizations – how they are responding to the housing needs? Which are the problems that they are facing and how do they see their future role?
  4. Financing instruments for social housing – national sources and EU funding; how non-EU countries can benefit?

For more information & registration please contact Doris Andoni, General Director of the National Housing Agency