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Vlaamse Maatschappij voor Sociaal Wonen

The Flemish Company for Social Housing (VMSW) is a public institution, an agency of the Flemish Government governed by public law. VMSW is the leading expert partner for actors in social housing and, together with them, makes social housing in Flanders possible.

Accordingly, VMSW supports, advises and finances the activities of 100 social housing companies which build, renovate, let and sell social dwellings. VMSW also supports the 48 social letting agencies. The social housing companies manage more than 150.000 dwellings, the social letting agencies more than 7.800 dwellings.

VMSW has expertise in various domains of social housing. VMSW actively combines, updates and distributes this knowledge in the sector and collects existing data to assist in the future policy making.

Social housing activities are financed by both public funding (government grants) and loans. For certain acquisitions and renovations, private individuals can obtain a social mortgage loan from VMSW.