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A Housing Europe view into 2018

End-of-year message by Secretary General, Sorcha Edwards

Brussels, 15 December 2017 | Published in Energy, Urban, Economy, Social
A Housing Europe view into 2018 by Sorcha Edwards

We are coming to the end of the year, so time to put some key dates in your diaries for 2018.

It may be hard to believe, but next year will mark 30 years of our collaboration in Housing Europe or as it was known until recently, CECODHAS.

We will mark this occasion at our General Assembly, when we will be hosted by EKYL in Tallinn on June 7th. We will take advantage of being in the capital of all things E:  e-governance, e-mobility to look at the E in housing. At the conference, you will get an update on how housing providers are using technology to improve their planning and services, to if and how users are engaging more thanks to digital tools, to the impact of disruptors like Airbnb.

Our housing systems are undergoing radical changes and facing in some cases unprecedented crises throughout the region. To face this reality, our board and President have proposed an addition to our 2018 agenda: A European Housing Leaders Summit. A round-table exchange between leaders from all members. This strategic exchange will take place in conjunction with an event organized by our  Spanish member, AVS,  focus in on the particular challenges in their region, which has been hit hardest since the great economic crisis in 2008.

Meanwhile, on the Brussels scene, 2018 is a key year as the first quarter will see the negotiation of the 2020-2027 EU budget, when the impact of the Brexit referendum remains unclear and the preparations for the EU Elections in 2019 in a Europe hit by growing societal divisions.

Other events during the year will address skills in construction and renovation on February 20th, just before the working committees. We will raise awareness of the integrated approach we take in the sector which combines environmental and social concerns, very often we are not only housing developers but social developers, 

But also of the fact that the market, till now, is not delivering affordable innovation for renovation and that for public support, more action is required to speed up the delivery of affordable solutions.

We will put forward our broader position on how the next EU budget 2020 – 2027 can be better adapted to our sector, making the link with the newly approved EU social pillar which aims to put citizens rights, including the right to social housing, at the heart of the EU.

The second event to feed into the European Funding negotiations will be held at the European Parliament in Strasbourg hosted by the City of Strasbourg on June 14th & 15th. 
You will notice that our intention to increase collaboration with cities is reflected in the agenda with collaboration planned with cities or housing providers from major cities as co-organisers for 3 of our 2018 events.

So that’s just a taste of what we have in store for you next year. Check calendar for more details SO time to fill in your diary and get ready for a busy year where we continue to put Housing4All further up the political agenda together.