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Housing Europe welcomes SKB delegation during their study visit to Brussels

A taste of the EU scene for one of SABO's members

Brussels, 5 September 2018 | Published in Social

A delegation of 20 people, including board members, members of the management team, tenant representatives and members of the Union, from SKB, a Stockholm-based housing co-operative that builds, manages and rents residential properties to its members went on a 3 day study visit to Brussels, during which they met with Housing Europe Research Coordinator, Alice Pittini and Innovation & Project Manager, Sebastien Garnier.

SKB is a cooperative member organisation of Housing Europe's Swedish member, SABO. The co-operative is owned by its residents and queuing members and is open to all. Today, it manages over 8,000 apartments in Stockholm and five of its adjacent municipalities, making it the largest player in the privately rented market in Stockholm. Because of its size and form of tenure, SKB is a unique organisation that offers variety in the housing market of one of the fastest growing European capitals. The meeting was an opportunity to learn more about housing in Sweden and at the same time to exchange on housing policies and trends across Europe, as well as current projects and EU funding opportunities.