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More homes in the Netherlands due to the flow of refugees

An overview of the response of the social housing sector

Amsterdam, 27 May 2016 | Published in Social

The high demand for social housing for refugees requires creative solutions. Municipalities - responsible for housing licensees - work together with housing associations and other stakeholders.

Our Dutch member, Aedes put together (in NL) the action plans of some of the housing associations involved:

Amsterdam: 1,000 temporary dwellings

Together with the Amsterdam housing associations the city of Amsterdam delivers 1,000 additional homes in temporary locations. The homes are intended for young people, students and refugee status holders. It is important to stress that mixing these groups is a prerequisite as well as explicit effort will be put on community building. There is already experience gained in the Starting Block Riekerhaven, a project by De Key housing corporation and the municipality. The first homes in this project will be rent out from July 1.

800 additional homes in the Eindhoven region for refugees coming

Municipalities and housing associations in the Eindhoven region are planning to deliver within the next two years a minimum of 800 additional social homes. These are meant to host refugees admitted without excluding people already on the waiting lists from the housing market.

There are for example, homes bought , built accelerated and split so that more people can live in one house. This is stated in the Action Plan 2016-2017 of the Urban Region Eindhoven (SGE). Municipalities and housing corporations also agreed on guidance and a better match between demand and supply. Regional municipalities expect that in 2016 they will have to accommodate jointly more than 1,300 refugee status holders.

Former corporation office turned into social housing in Den Bosch

De Bossche Zayaz housing corporation transforms its former headquarters to 70 apartments, with a maximum of 30 for refugee status holders and 40 for ‘regular’, single tenants. The corporation aims to kill two birds with one stone: on the one hand to address Den Bosch great need for temporary housing and on the other hand to ease pressure on the municipality to house more and more refugee status holders.