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European Pillar of Social Rights: EU ministers agree to revise indicators

Affordable housing should be integrated claims Housing Europe

Brussels, 21 June 2017 | Published in Social

After the European Commission presented its proposal for a European Pillar of Social Rights- a set of common principles and rights meant to urge Eurozone countries to converge upward on social policies- in which access to social housing has an important role, EU ministers in charge of social affairs have agreed on June 16th to review the set of indicators proposed to monitor the progress made by Member States under each area identified under the Pillar of Social Rights.

This set of indicators raised concerns from Housing Europe in particular, since no distinct indicator in relation to affordable housing was integrated. We have indeed expressed our views in a letter to the Social Protection Committee, a working group of the EU Council, prior to the Ministers meeting.

The letter clearly underlindes that existing Eurostat indicators on affordability should be better used in both the Pillar and the European Semester. 

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