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Housing and the Sustainable Development Goals

How Housing Europe members deliver their share

Brussels, 3 October 2017 | Published in Urban, Social

Why investing in affordable housing equals investing in sustainable development.

The Agenda 2030 for Sustainable Development (Sustainable Development Goals, SDGs) adopted by UN Member States in September 2015 in New York set 17 ambitious goals with specific targets with the aim of reaching them until 2030. Among them some are more particularly linked to housing. Housing Europe, whose vision is of a Europe which provides access to decent and affordable housing for all in communities which are socially, economically and environmentally sustainable and where everyone is enabled to reach their full potential, support the Sustainable Development Goals.

With its campaign “Housing for All” and the contribution to the UN habitat conference, we already reminded policy makers of the importance of adopting housing policies that promote sustainable development.

Housing Europe members do represent the interest of 43 000 local housing organizations (which manage 26 090 000 dwellings – that is over 11% of the total EU housing stock), share this ambition and, by providing affordable homes and building liveable communities, already contribute to the achievements of the SDGs.

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