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SUPERSHINE started in mid-November in Rome with the ambition to implement innovative renovation of social and affordable housing in three demonstrator lighthouse districts in Italy, Denmark, and Latvia as well providing blueprints for follow-up districts. These are among the first lighthouse districts receiving EU funding as part of the EU Affordable Housing Initiative that will be supported by the European Affordable Housing Consortium, SHAPE-EU. Particular attention will be paid to the renovation of social housing, to help households who struggle to pay their energy bills.

In addition, the project will also contribute to the decrease of energy poverty. The SUPERSHINE lighthouse districts will be characterised by energy-efficient buildings, low-carbon mobility, smart grids, and efficient water and waste management, all underpinned by responsive technologies that optimise resources while promoting well-being and sustainable lifestyles. Housing Europe is partnering together with some of its members (of members) including BL (Denmark) ATER Trieste (Italy) and Zaragoza Vivienda (Spain), drawing also on the work carried out by the ‘sister’ project SUPER-I.