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Renovation policies in Southern Europe

Financing, social impact and proactiveness

Barcelona, 25 April 2018Save the date

On 25 April, Housing Europe Spanish member, AVS along with the municipality of Barcelona, Registrars of Spain and the Association of the Catalan social housing managers (GHS) host, with the support of Housing Europe, an international conference with focus on the renovation policies in Southern Europe. The goal of the Conference is to bring together best practices in terms of funding for housing renovation and to discuss scalability potentials and transferability across borders.


8.30 Site visit to a development by the Municipal Institute for Housing and Renovation of Barcelona

10.30 Coffee break

11.00 Welcome from

  • Josep Maria Montaner, Councillor for Housing and Renovation at Barcelona City Council
  • Lluis Hosta, President of the Association Gestors d’Habitatge de Catalunya, GHS
  • Jerónimo Escalera Gómez, President of the Spanish Association of Public Housing and Land Managers, AVS
  • Cédric Van Styvendael, President of Housing Europe

11.30 Roundtable and debate: «Innovation in the Financing
of Housing Renovation» | Moderator: Sorcha Edwards, Secretary General of Housing Europe

  • Andrea Durante, European Investment Bank
  • Juan Rubio, Director of the Observatorio Ciudad 3R project
  • Marco Corradi, Federcasa & ACER Reggio Emilia
  • Jordi Mas, Councillor for Housing and Urbanism at Santa Coloma de Gramanet

13.30 Lunch break

15.00 Welcome to members of the Board for Social Housing of Barcelona
(CHSB) from Javier Burón, Housing Manager at Barcelona City Council

15.15 -18.00 Roundtable and debate: «Proactive Housing Renovation Policies
Having a Social Impact» | Moderator: Elisabet Cirici, Director of Operations Institut Català del Sòl

  • Besim Nebiu, Programme Manager of the project Habitat for Humanity Europe, Middle East and Africa
  • Javier Burón, High Complexity Property Renovation Programme, Barcelona
  • Dimitra Siatitsa, PhD in architecture and special advisor at the General Secretariat on Welfare, Greece
  • Rui Neves Bochmann Franco, Deputy City Councillor for Housing and Local Development, Lisbon City Council, Portugal
  • Paloma Lombardo, Director of the Registration Studies Center of Castilla la Mancha
  • Giordana Ferri, Director of de Fondazione Housing Sociale, Italy
  • Chiara Rizzica, Project Manager, Fondazione Housing Sociale, Italy

18.30 -19.30 Guided visit to El Born