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“Yes to Social Housing”

USH campaigns ahead of the French Presidential Election

Paris, 18 January 2017 | Social

Housing Europe French member, L’ Union Sociale pour l’ Habitat (USH) has launched today their campaign “Yes to Social Housing” (Oui au lodgement social) making the case for the key role of social housing on the political agenda ahead of the Presidential Election in spring.

The representative body of the French Social Housing providers invites both politicians and the civil society to say “Yes to Social Housing” with their flagship action for the year that has 3 main goals that will serve the objective of showcasing the usefulness of social housing:

  1. to call all Presidential Candidates to position themselves concerning the demands of the sector
  2. to take stock of the initial proposals generated through ‘Cap Hlm’, the collaborative platform that allowed social housing employees to express their ideas and venture propositions related to mobility, rent control, neighbourhood policy etc.
  3. to remind of the special and modern character of the French social housing model

The campaign will rely on various means including:

  • an online petition under the same title ‘Oui au lodgement social’ that has already been published on 
  • a dedicated website that will present the demands of the sector, tenants’ testimonials as well as the point of view of people working for the ‘Mouvement Hlm’, video interviews with the presidential candidates etc.
  • a brochure ‘The five principles of social housing’ that will provide an overview of the fundamental values and needs of the sector.

The Pre-Electoral campaign will conclude with an Open Day under the same name ‘Yes to Social Housing’ that will be organised on March 14th at the National Library ‘François-Mitterrand’ in Paris. The event will address two main questions:

  1. What are the housing challenges of the next five years (presidential term)?
  2. What housing and in particular social housing policy is needed for the next five years?

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