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How can 12m2 make a difference for social housing companies and their tenants?

Brussels, Belgium, 6 February 2024 | Urban, The future of the EU & Housing

The Shared Mobility Rocks Festival in Brussels co-organised by our EU-funded project, SHARE-North Squared dived into some of the latest innovations but also controversial topics about shared vehicles.

Should shared mobility be implemented only if the public transport in the area is sufficient? Should the vehicles be accessible to the general public? There seems to be a consensus within social housing providers that housing developers can plan new and sustainable mobility even if it is not their core business, we need the coordinating role of municipalities, that we need to tackle anti-social behaviour and be open to social innovation. Our Policy Director, Julien Dijol shared how public housing in Sweden, affordable cooperatives in Germany, and social housing in the Brussels region have been facing obstacles and finding solutions to shared mobility.

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