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At the starting line of 2017

Housing Europe Secretary General guides you through the first semester of our activities

Brussels, 20 January 2017 | Social, Urban, Economy, Energy

What to expect in the first semester of 2017 from Housing Europe? Our Secretary General, Sorcha Edwards highlights the milestones for the months to come. Make sure you save all key dates.

The Secretariat’s engagement at Members events will kick off with a theme which does not often reach the housing headlines as I travel to Wales for a conference to help Community Housing Cymru raise issues around rural housing. With all eyes on big cities, where unmet demand and low affordability are putting private rental and ownership out of reach for more and more people, the housing needs and the potential of rural and shrinking, post-industrial areas are often left out.

Meanwhile, with national elections on the horizon in Germany, the Netherland and France which could further change the direction of national, European and global politics, but also have in some cases a potentially immediate impact on housing, our French member has kicked off their campaign.  

On our side in Brussels, the first 2017 list of Housing Europe events is now on-line. On March 8th, we will bring the sector’s views and know-how to the intense discussions & negotiations following the latest EU legislative proposals on Energy in our public conference ‘Getting our Homes Future Ready'. This will be followed by the first Committee Meetings of 2017 on March 9th. The meetings will give members updates on the negotiations on international banking rules, the on-going VAT consultation, and on yet more EIB loans granted to social housing providers, but also the chance to compare and contrast their national situations with a focus on those countries with forthcoming national and local elections. Check the agenda for more details and other planned events.

The first semester will close with the International Social Housing Festival in Amsterdam, celebrating 100 years of social housing. A lot has happened in those 100 years, but public, cooperative and social housing remain a strong feature of many of our cities landscapes. The Housing Europe conference, one of many taking place during the festival, will bring examples of how the sectors, while under pressure, continue to show resilience and adapt to today’s radically changing needs and circumstances.

Read on for more news on our activities and national and local developments.


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