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Housing Europe 2018 Calendar

Save the dates of the key events in 2018

Brussels, 31 December 2017Save the date
Download this calendar in PDF format at the bottom of the page
Download this calendar in PDF format at the bottom of the page

An exciting year ahead, save your copy of our 30-year anniversary agenda.

Get ready for an exciting year, full of events Housing Europe will be hosting in 2018, a year that marks our 30-year anniversary. Save the dates, find out the places where you will able to find us throughout the year and stay tuned for updates.

Housing Europe President, Cédric Van Styvendael introduces this special edition: 
"In times of radical change, it is vital to come together to share, inform, inspire on how we as housing professionals can manage that change. We must continue to make our contribution to societies that include and support. Housing Europe’s 2018 programme is full and it just requires your presence at our conferences and meetings, on our blog and Τwitter to bring it to life."

20 February


European Multi-level Skills offensive – The key to ensuring public support for the Energy Transition

This conference will broaden the perspective to address awareness, skills and confidence gaps along the construction supply chain, within our administrations and amongst our citizens, which continue to slow the demand and speed of renovation roll-out across the region. We will also consider the EU strategy to address this gap with a focus on European Structural and Investment Funds and the skills Agenda, now in the post-2020 program period, which is under preparation. This will be the final PROF/TRAC event.

20-21 February


Housing Europe Working Committee Meetings

The first Working Committee meetings of 2018 will include a conference on the skills necessary for Nearly-Zero Energy Buildings within the framework of PROF/TRAC project as well as the launch of the publication 'Impact Analysis of Structural Funds 2014-2020'.

Tuesday, 20 February
16.30-17.30 Energy & Construction Committee

Wednesday, 21 February

9.00-10.30 Housing Europe Observatory

11.00-12.30 Urban Affairs Committee

13.30-15.00 Social Affairs Committee

15.30-17.00 Economic, Financial Affairs & Internal Market Committee

6-7 March


European Commission Migration Forum

The European Migration Forum – the dialogue platform of the European Institutions on migration, asylum and migrant integration - will meet for the fourth time in March 2018 and Housing Europe is among the civil society organizations included.

8 March


Breakfast Policy Meeting at the European Committee of the Regions 

'The European Pillar of Social Rights: Stepping up to the challenge of implementation

Unlocking the full potential of the European Structural and Investment Funds for Housing'

Housing Europe organises a breakfast policy debate that will be hosted by the European Committee of the Regions in the aftermath of the adoption of its Opinion ‘Towards a European Agenda for Housing’. How can the Member States better address the challenge of the actual implementation of the European Pillar for Social Rights, while their respective starting points vary a lot? What is the best way to unlock the potential of the European Structural and Investment Funds for housing in the period 2018-2020? Why should offering adequate housing solutions to young people be one of the priorities? 

24 April


European Housing Leaders' Summit

The half-day event will provide a forum for leaders of public, cooperative and social housing federations across Europe to exchange on political, social and sector challenges and the responses adopted by the sector in this context. The aim is to better understand, 30 years after our foundation, how current developments in affordable housing are shaping the work of our federations and how they see their role over the next five years. The discussion will inform and shape Housing Europe's strategy for the year leading up to the 2019 European elections.

25 April 


Social Housing in Mediterranean Countries since the 2008 crisis

Housing Europe members and partners from the Mediterranean countries will come together to evaluate the effects the crisis has had over the last 10 years on the affordable housing sector and to exchange on the ways forward taking into consideration the specificities of the region.

6 June 


Meeting of the Ad-hoc Working Group for Countries with Housing systems in Transition

The new Ad-hoc working group of Housing Europe on housing systems in transition came together for the first time in November 2017 in Prague. This second meeting aims to help participants tackle the challenges to access EU funding and to build evidence-based housing policy.

7-8 June


Housing Europe General Assembly & Annual Conference

Conference Theme: Liveability & Affordability in Digitized Cities

“The digitized city is already with us”, says globally renowned Geographer, Charles Landry who has introduced this term. The effects of the digital age become more and more visible in the cities we live in and will play a shaping role in their future. The question of data, smart city ideas or evolving collaborative governance models are just some aspects of this bigger trend unfolding. Within this context housing is where everything starts...

14-15 June


The importance of Social Housing as a Tool for innovation and inclusion & the role of Cities 

The city of Strasbourg, in cooperation with USH and Housing Europe will organise a European workshop highlighting the importance of social housing as tool for inclusion and innovation and putting forward the role of cities. This workshop will be an opportunity to discuss how the EU can help cities to invest in social housing, in particular through the European Structural Funds and the European Investment Bank. By doing so, the EU could implement the European Pillar of Social Rights, i.e. helping member states, regions and cities to increase the well-being of citizens and improve affordability of housing.

16-20 July


2nd season of the Summer Academy with EFL and EBZ

The week-long international exchange, organized by EBZ in cooperation with Housing Europe and the European Federation for Living (EFL), brings together 27 young professionals of the housing sector from various European countries.

20 September 


International Workshop on Urban Densification Energy Renovation in Cities as part of the ABRACADABRA project

Housing Europe will host along with Paris Habitat, the biggest social housing provider in France, the final International Workshop of the ABRACADABRA project that is making the case for the added value of a new deep renovation strategy based on Additional Building Units like aside or façade addictions, rooftop extensions or even an entire new building construction. The event will not just illustrate the project findings but will illustrate through concrete cases across Europe the diverse aspects of the urban densification challenge.

18 October


Designing Inclusion transnational seminar

Housing Europe will host the final dissemination event for the Designing inclusion (DesInc) project, a collaborative initiative addressing the interface between architecture, urban design, urban planning education and the production of inclusive urban spaces. The event will present the results of the project to a broad audience, including policymakers, housing providers and civil society organisation across Europe, experts in the field of education and in the field of urban design and planning. It will be an opportunity to reflect together on identified good practices, including from Housing Europe members, and how they can be upscaled.

17-18 October


Working Committee Meetings 

Timetable available after the meetings in February

18 December

Germany (city to be defined)

Future of Europe Event

Neglect of declining areas and resulting social inclusion has been a major factor in recent anti-establishment votes in Europe and globally. This event will highlight creative and successful change management strategies in post-industrial zones and regions in decline or at risk, from the perspective of housing providers. 

Throughout the year

Housing Europe Observatory Briefings

As clearly supported by the evidence shown in the 2017 State of Housing report, housing remains a core challenge for the European Union. We’ve identified a number of key areas where housing can play an important role helping dealing with the societal challenges Europe is facing. The year running up to the European Elections will be marked by a series of bi-monthly briefings focusing on how members and partner organizations are tackling these challenges. Check them out along with indicative publication dates below:

  • Youth (16 February)
  • Migration (20 April)
  • Affordability (1 June)
  • Social inclusion of vulnerable groups (14 September)
  • Shrinking areas (9 November)