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35 years of Housing Europe

Advocating for the right to affordable housing

21 June 2023

Born in 1988, our European federation has been the voice of public, cooperative, social, and community-led housing providers for already 35 years.

In the offices of Paris Habitat, we celebrated Housing Europe's birthday with its founders - both people and organisations - who work or have worked for the common cause of supporting those in housing need.

An organisation that does not look at its roots, has no future, our Secretary-General, Sorcha Edwards said and invited some of those who have been with Housing Europe (then CECODHAS) at its naissance, Michel Lachambre, Tineke Zuidervaart, Pierre Muylle, Léon Contato, Luc Laurent, Hubert Lyben but also the Chair of our research observatory, Laurent Ghekiere.

Looking at the green shoots i.e. the new community-led and cooperative housing models emerging as a result of the housing affordability housing crisis impacting many, we had on the stage the head of Community Land Trust Brussels, Geert Depauw to provide insight about the CLT model and its work to defend the right to housing, its collaboration with Housing Europe noting that the newly established CLT European Network has now become an official partner of Housing Europe replacing CLT Brussels.

What are your memories of or with Housing Europe? Send them to our Membership Coordinator, Abderrahim Khairi.