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Housing for All. Affordable Housing in Growing Cities in Europe

International conference

Vienna, 4 December 2018Save the date
Watch our Secretary General, Sorcha Edwards making the case for the need to talk about affordable housing

Wiener Wohnen, Rosa-Fischer-Gasse 2, 1030 Vienna, 4 - 5 December 2018

Which legal and financial conditions are necessary in Europe to increase investment in affordable housing? Which benefits does affordable housing provide for European cities and the economy?

Representatives of the EU institutions, politicians from different European cities, housing experts, housing providers, tenants’ representatives and scientists will discuss these questions comprehensively. The findings of the EU Urban Agenda – Housing Partnership will be presented. The City of Vienna will offer study visits to present the Viennese model of social housing.

Organizers: City of Vienna and Wiener Wohnen

Languages: English/German (simultaneous interpretation)