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Affordable housing wanted!

For economic growth and stability

Brussels , 26 March 2012Save the date
Affordable housing wanted! Campaign launch -- EU Commissioner Laszlo Andor

26 April 2012, Committee of the Regions, Brussels

In all EU countries, except two, the housing market is highly dysfunctional; it fails to house the most vulnerable adequately, it traps middle-income families in high mortgage expenditure and it decreases employment mobility. At national level, housing is back on top of the political agenda and key actors have been actively promoting alternatives to the “business as usual” approach. Despite very diverse housing markets at regional level, we can see many common trends in the policies being applied.

This conference provided a platform for the presentation of proposals being put forward by grass-roots organisations and confront them with the on-going EU economic governance reform process by facilitating a debate with key MEPs and the European Commission.

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To increase economic integration and ensure stability of the Euro while boosting economic growth across the entire EU, the European Council and the Commission have agreed a number of new procedures and changed the Treaty to ensure that public deficits are no longer possible. These procedures do not ensure the incorporation of the views of the actors involved, there jeopardising their potential successful implementation. Policies should be agreed by stakeholders, shared and best tailored to the context they are operating.

With this first seminar, CECODHAS Housing Europe aimed to initiate a participatory process towards the design of housing policies which foster economic stability and growth while being fair and answering the needs of all citizens.