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European Fund for Strategic Investments & Energy Union

Οpportunities and challenges for the social housing sector - lessons from the nZEC project!

Brussels, 24 March 2015Save the date

UPDATE: A report of the event is now available as well as a Storify summary of the live tweeting session on the day.


While signals are positive, the current regulation draft being debated in the European Parliament avoids mentioning housing or housing retrofit as a priority for the European Fund for Strategic Investments (EFSI), leaving excessive flexibility as to what the fund can actually support with the risk that large scale infrastructural projects will be the primary target.

Housing Europe, representing Public Cooperative & Social Housing provides, is lobbying to change this; the key findings of the POWER HOUSE nearly-Zero Energy Challenge! project, particularly those of the Financing nZEB TaskForce, were used to feed the debate with EIB, EC and EP representatives and Housing Europe’s members participating in the Workshop "European Fund for Strategic Investments and Energy Union: opportunities and challenges for the Public, Cooperative and Social Housing sector" held on 24 March 2015 in Brussels.