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The ELOSH Final Conference

Housing and Support: successful ways to help people with complex housing needs

Brussels, 15 September 2015Save the date

September 15th, 2015, Vleva, Avenue de Cortenbergh 71, 1000 Brussels. Register now online!


What are the benefits of an integrated approach in housing? How can housing associations along with care and support service providers co-produce the best living experience for the tenants? Which is the best way to serve the people's needs for independent living? The ELOSH project has developed core learning outcomes and a universal traing pack that equips a wide range of stakeholders from various sectors (housing, health, care, homelessness) within the community with essential skills to address the increasing challenges...

The European Core Learning Outcomes for Integration of Support and Housing (ELOSH), a project within which Housing Europe has been responsible for all dissemination and exploitation activities is about to come to an end. On September 15th the final event will be taking place in Brussels. 

The conference will be an opportunity for the project partners to interact with policy makers in a co-productive manner and to pave the way for the actual implementation of the learning outcomes and of the universal training pack produced within ELOSH in the future.

ELOSH transfers innovative learning results and training materials on integrated support and housing, developed by Sitra, an expert consultancy on training in the field of housing with health, care and support. This material promotes the co-production of services including citizen’s needs as its core.

Partners have adapted these outcomes and tools to create a flexible European pack that has been tested in seven countries by housing and support providers, working also with VET providers and service users.

Time now to open the floor to this broad coalition that brings together 14 partners from 8 EU members states and from various sectors, including housing professions, health, care and support service providers.