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Transition Zero Official Launch

Making Net Zero Energy refurbishments a market reality

20 April 2016Save the date
Tranzition Zero

Energiesprong is going to its second phase and the Transition Zero project will be officially launched.

Energiesprong brokered a deal between housing associations and builders to refurbish 111,000 houses to Net Zero Energy (E=0) levels in the Netherlands. E=0 means, annually a house does not consume more energy for heating, hot water, lights and appliances than it produces. The refurbishments are financed of the energy cost savings; a refurbishment is executed within 10 days and comes with a 30-year energy performance warranty from the builder.

The approach is based on organizing massive demand for a Net Zero Energy (E=0) refurbishment proposition, making financers and governments tune their financing offerings and regulations towards this product and challenging the construction sector to start an ambitious innovation process to deliver the proposition. The massive demand, the security that there will be financing and an enabling regulatory environment de-risks the innovation investment –based on developing an industrialized product- for the builders. Currently, Energiesprong is progressing into bringing these solutions to the private homeowner sector through a recent deal with 175 parties (including local and national governments, banks, real estate surveyors and builders) to align the market conditions for this housing segment.

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To get these propositions to the market a set of market conditions need to be set right for the innovation process in the construction sector to take off. For this to happen, the market needs a new and independent actor to drive and coordinate stakeholders to jointly develop all parts of the market solution in parallel. This independent actor is the Energiesprong market development team.

Energiesprong is working in the UK and France to get a independent market development team set up to drive a similar market change as is occurring in the Netherlands.” A group of ±20 housing associations between the two markets, financiers and governments are all partnering or supporting this initiative. We’ll keep you updated on developments.