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Cost effective Housing Policies in the European Union

Final event of the PROGRESS program - June 20, Brussels

Brussels, 20 June 2016Save the date

The two-day (20 & 21 June) conference in Brussels will lead the project to a conclusion. The action is a close cooperation between the Flemish government, academics and stakeholders, each having their own responsibilities concerning the preparation of housing policy.

The first day is targeted towards an international audience of academics and stakeholders, while the second day is mainly targeted towards a Flemish public. The first day will be held at the Committee of the Regions, the second at the Flemish Parliament (zaal De Schelp), both in Brussels. Housing Europe is responsible for the preparation of the international conference on June 20th. 


Venue: Committee of the Regions (CoR) - Room JDE-51, Bâtiment Jacques Delors, Rue Belliard 99-101, 1040, Brussels

Working Languages: English, French and German 

      9.15 Introduction

Housing policies and the challenges for regions and cities, by Andres Jaadla, Member of the Committee of the Regions, Board Member of Housing Europe

Morning Session: How to improve cost-effectiveness of housing policy?

      9.30 – 9.45 Real time poll session 1

Questions related to the housing situation:

  • In which country is housing overburden rate the highest/lowest?
  • Which country spends the most on housing policies?
  • Which country has the most social housing?

Questions related to the policy goals:     

  • Which housing policy goal is of utmost importance (multiple choice of housing goals)?
  • How can we solve the problem of homelessness in the coming years?
  • Should/can housing policies serve other purposes?

      10.00 Presentation of the final report on cost effective housing policies in Flanders and in Europe

Katleen Van den Broeck (KU Leuven), Marietta Haffner (TU Delft) (& Sien Winters, KU Leuven)

      10.30 – 10.45: Real time poll session 2

Questions related to the policy instruments?

  • Can we get rid of social housing providers and instead promote housing vouchers for instance?

Questions on cost-effectiveness

  • Is cost-effectiveness an important criterium in policy instrument selection?

10.45 Coffee break

11.15 Presentation and Panel Discussion on cost-effective housing policies 

  • Marc Uhry, Fondation Abbé-Pierre (France) / The European report on housing exclusion
  • Andrea Mészaros, Policy Officer, Social Investment Strategy Unit, DG Employment, European Commission / The place of housing in the EU social investment strategy
  • Elena Szolgayova, Director of Housing Policy, Slovak Ministry of Infrastructures, Slovak Presidency of the EU/ The needs for exchange and capacity building at national level on housing policies and the role of the Partnership on Affordable Housing

12.30 Lunch break

Afternoon session: examples of national reform of housing policies

      14.00 Recent developments in national housing policies in Europe

  • Presentation by Marietta Haffner, TU Delft

      14.20 Country case studies of recent housing policy changes in Europe

  • What are the explicit/implicit housing policy objectives?
  • Description of the policy change process?
  • How were the policy instruments chosen?

France - Presentation by Ms Marianne Louis, Secretary-General, Union Sociale pour l’Habita followed by Reaction from FEANTSA 

United Kingdom- Presentation by Christine Whitehead, Emeritus Professor of Housing Economics, London School of Economics followed by reactions from Kathleen Kelly, National Housing Federation and from the UEPC

15.50 Coffee break

Czech Republic- Presentation by Mr Pospíšil, Director of the Department of Social Services of the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs

17.00 Conclusions by Freek Spinnewijn, FEANTSA and Sorcha Edwards, Housing Europe