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The EU Urban Agenda Housing Partnership presents its Action Plan

What can the EU do for housing? Actions and recommendations

Vienna, 11 December 2018 | Published in Social

The EU Urban Agenda Housing Partnership presented its Action Plan during the 'Housing for All' international conference that took place in Vienna on December 4th attracting more than 300 affordable housing stakeholders from across Europe and beyond.

The Housing Partnership- Housing Europe has been an active member- was one of the first to be established within the framework of the Urban Agenda for the European Union. As stated in the Pact of Amsterdam, its ‘objectives are to have affordable housing of good quality. The focus will be on public affordable housing, state aid rules and general housing policy’. During an intense three-year work period from December 2015, the Housing Partnership analysed the challenges faced by Member States, regions, cities, and social and affordable housing providers throughout Europe, whether public, cooperative or private.

The EU can contribute to these efforts with legal and financial instruments and a sound monitoring of developments on all levels of government. We have seen that housing traditions vary greatly within the Union, and our partnership explored the variety of problems and solutions existing in the rich fabric of housing policies throughout EU cities, regions and countries, in order to identify the core issues for our work. Based on broad expertise and sound evidence, conclusions were drawn as how the EU can contribute to overcoming the housing crisis. A set of 13 substantial actions and recommendations by the Housing Partnership are described in the Action Plan.