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SLRB presents trends in Brussels private rental market

Report from the latest 'Midi du Logement'

Brussels, 14 January 2015 | Published in Urban

On the 8th of January, the social housing federation SLRB hosted the first 'midi du logement' of 2015. The lunchtime conference presented a new report on rents in the private rental market in the Brussels region.

The report highlights the improvements in the quality of privately rented housing over the years, but also its ever-worsening affordability. If in 2004 the population with an income up to the 6th income decile could access 44% of the private rental market, today this share is much lower with only about 10% of private rental dwellings affordable enough for them.

  • The full report 'Observatoire des loyers - Enquete 2013' is available online
  • Stay tuned with the SLRB 'Midis du logement' event series