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The Housing Sector and the EU Digital Agenda

Conclusions from a visit of GdW and its national real estate working group, BID in Brussels

Brussels, 2 April 2015 | Published in Energy, Economy

The German member organisation of Housing Europe, GdW along with representatives from its national working group on real estate, BID have visited Brussels in the beginning of the week to meet with Commissioner for Digital Economy & Society, Günther Oettinger. What conclusions can be drawn both at German and at EU level?


“The digitalization is going to revolutionize every sector and every aspect of our life, including the housing sector.” said Commissioner Oettinger to the BID delegation that visited Brussels.

This declaration finds the German housing sector prepared, since there is already consensus with the State Secretary, Gunther Adler around the optimal way towards digitalization. In particular, with a view to the challenge of the demographic change smart technologies could, for example, guarantee independent living for the elderly as well as for people with support needs.

Data protection and development of infrastructure were the two points of concern raised by the BID delegation during the meeting with Commissioner Oettinger who in turn reassured that both issues are already in the planning.

The visit of GdW, represented by its president, Axel Gedaschko, and the rest of the BID stakeholders was concluded with a series of meetings on the topics of Energy and Resource Efficiency with European Commission representatives from the respective fields.