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Building the Future of Health

The essential role of housing

Groningen, 3 June 2016 | Published in Social
Julien Dijol at the Housing Europe event in Groningen
Julien Dijol at the Housing Europe event in Groningen

At the conference "Building the Future of Health" in Groningen, in the Netherlands, AEDES and Housing Europe both staged their events to discuss the essential role of decent and affordable housing for all for public health policy.

At the Housing Europe event the European Foundation for the Improvement of Living and Working Conditions presented its recent study on cost of inadequate housing. The findings, that go beyond the health issues, are noteworthy:

After aggregation, the total cost of repair home deficiencies across the EU is 295 billion EUR, resulting in a payback of just over 1.5 years. The annual direct savings for the health care provision are estimated at 9 billion EUR. The total cost of leaving people in an existing ‘unimproved’ housing is 194 billion EUR, which corresponds to the societal medical savings, if the repair is done.

Other presentations have highlighted past and current projects from housing providers in relation with independent living, thermal comfort, integrated services to former homeless people.  All this contributes to the reduction of health costs for society.

Thanks to the expertise and dedication of its members, Housing Europe is able to work with other organisations like Eurofound to elaborate good policies that will favour social investment and support to affordable housing.