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Germany: Serial and modular construction

Lowering the cost while boosting housing provision

Berlin, 29 May 2018 | Economy, Energy

The European wide call for proposals for serial and modular construction concept was completed on the 29th of May 2018 with the presentation of the final nine tenderer (concepts of model buildings) and the conclusion of a framework agreement. Together with the ministry of internal affairs and constructions (Bundesinnen- und Bauministerium), the federal Chamber of Architects (Bundesarchitektenkammer), and the building industry association (Bundesverband der Bauindustrie), GdW Housing Germany signed the framework agreement.

The 9 concepts of model buildings were chosen out of 50 applicants (and among 15 concrete proposals in the 2nd phase) due to their grading within particular categories

The proposals of model buildings comprise following characteristics 24 living units.

  • Single building
  • Only for residential use
  • 4 floors
  • 24 apartments/units (vary in size)
  • No lift 

Summarizing the added value of the concept

A. Quality and Innovation

A.1. architectural and urban quality

A.2. functional quality

A.3. ecological quality

A.4. technical/engineering quality

B. Price/Delivery capacity/repair- and maintenance costs

B.1. Price offered for the model building

B.2. economies of scale in case of larger number purchased

B.3. degree of deviation in price in respect to the different versions offered of one model building

B.4. Delivery capacity within Germany

B.5. repair and maintenance expenses

Additional requirements have been attractive architecture, adjustable/adaptive design (regarding different urban environments), living comfort and energy efficiency through particular illumination, compact construction layout (area saving), including 1/3 barrier-free living units, sustainable and energy efficient building concept and a high degree of standardization.

The offering price of the nine model buildings ranges between 2.000 and 3.000 Euros per square meter. The prices are set for the next 5 years. Large-scale orders benefit from economies of scale.

With the framework agreement, housing companies can profit from the innovative concepts as the model buildings can be realised straightforward and at a reasonable price. Much time is saved as the framework agreement anticipates already tendering and placing processes as well as the planning of the building itself. Housing companies can choose, among the 9 model buildings, the most suitable for their needs and available property.

The nine final providers are:

  1. Lechner Immobilien Development GmbH | Frankfurt am Main
  2. AH Aktiv-Haus GmbH | Stuttgart
  3. Max Bögl Modul AG | Neumarkt
  4. GOLDBECK Ost GmbH & GOLDBECK Nordost GmbH | Ludwigsfelde
  5. ALHO Systembau GmbH | Friesenhagen
  6. Solidbox GmbH | Heek
  7. Lukas Lang Building Technologies GmbH | Wien
  8. ARGE MBN BAU AG und Patriarche | Georgsmarienhütte
  9. Hullak Rannow und Züblin AG | Neu-Ulm
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