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Housing Europe attends the annual meeting of the Platform for Social Production of Habitat

Community-led housing on the rise across the globe

Geneva, 20 June 2018 | Social, Urban

Housing Europe Communications Director, Michalis Goudis participated a the annual meeting of the Platform for Social Production of Habitat, led by UrbaMonde and Cooperative Housing International among other stakeholders.

Each year, urbaMonde gathers some of the major community-based actors of the Social Production of Habitat in Geneva to discuss concrete actions and strategies to guarantee the access to the Right to the City and to Adequate Housing. Community-based organisations share their achievements and address key challenges as well as inspiring solutions they are developing in different contexts around the world.

This year, discussions focused on inclusive public policies and solidarity mechanisms to support community-led housing, bringing together participants from Costa Rica, Taiwan, South Africa, El Salvador, the UK, Switzerland, Belgium etc. 

Housing Europe that recently adopted a joint declaration with Cooperative Housing International, making the case for diversified tenure, is following closely the development in the wider community-led housing sector since any housing solution, in big, small or very small scale, including community-led housing, community land trust, co-operative, public or municipal housing, has to be mobilized to ensure quality affordable homes for all. Housing at a reasonable cost is an important part of a country's welfare policy, and this responsibility is lacking in many countries.

Michalis had the chance to meet numerous housing stakeholders from across the globe, inviting them to join the International Social Housing Festival 2019 in Lyon. At the same time, Housing Europe is looking forward to strengthening its ties with UrbaMonde, as both the Festival and the Ad Hoc Working Group in support of countries with housing systems in transition offer interesting collaboration hooks. 

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