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The first climate neutral neighbourhood in the Netherlands

Amsterdam, 24 March 2014 | Energy
Photo: Library of Amsterdam
Photo: Library of Amsterdam

The neighbourhood ‘Stadstuin Overtoom’ in Amsterdam is the first newly built carbon neutral district in the Netherlands. On March 27 the new development will be completed. These homes will be the first energy-efficient homes built using the Co -Green concept. The key is supply-chain collaboration.

Sustainable rental housing

The first two new complexes consist of 132 social housing units in total and 22 commercial dwellings. The project is part of the urban renewal efforts in the Amsterdam borough of New West.

Energy Coach

This project is mainly about the inhabitants. Mr. Van de Laarschot from the social housing body Eigen Haard, explains: “We build energy-efficient homes. But then tenants and buyers have to know how they should use them, otherwise we won’t reach the goal.” That is why Eigen Haard will educate some residents to become an energy coach. “They will make their neighbours aware of the possibilities and impossibilities of their new home.”

Innovative collaboration

“Realizing something together is the key to success. A good coordination between the different parties  is enough to lower the costs considerably. That way we compensate for the higher costs that climate-neutral construction entails compared to regular building.” These ambitions are not voluntary: a share of the project revenues is put aside. Only at the end these revenues are paid. By doing so each party is buying a share of the success, or the failure.

Co - Green

Co - Green is the sustainable demolition-rebuilding concept developed by social housing organisation Eigen Haard, developing builder ERA Contour, architect KOW and demolition company Orange.


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