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Practice and Understanding in Supported Housing

The case of the PUSH project

Brussels, 9 May 2014 | Social

What is integrated/supported housing? How can the housing sector be effective in the provision of services for people with specific needs? How can we better share good practices?

By Francesca Zaganelli *

The aim of PUSH Europe is to support and deliver positive outcomes for vulnerable people through practical exchange on the integration of services and housing. To this end, it brings together European support and housing practitioners who deliver affordable housing with support for vulnerable people.

During the workshop 4 examples of housing and support for people with disabilities, mental health needs and homeless people have been presented: from the University Association of Brussels; “the innovative and personalised approach” from the Psychiatrisch Centrum in Gent;  the “Housing First” approach from HVO Querido Netherlands and examples from the Housing Support Enabling Unit in Scotland. The presentations will be soon available on EASPD website.

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The different examples show the application of a shared sustainable independent living approach, where the individual needs play a central role to the provision of services to people with specific needs. Behind this approach, it stands the need to move from paper to practice when referring to house as a human right.

Push” for a European cooperation means to share some common principles:

- shared need for finances due to the unstable economic situation of our times;

- a “housing allocation” policy dialogue: how can rules be more supportive?;

- further training toward a cooperative and  bottom-up approach.

Successfully triggering the discussion, the PUSH workshop is just the first step towards a further exchange and integration of practices. Next PUSH meeting will take place in Oslo the 9 and 10 of October 2014.

* Francesca is Project Assistant at CECODHAS Housing Europe

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