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Reducing energy consumption in Sweden

SABO's Skåne Initiative changes the landscape in the public housing sector in Sweden

Stockholm, 21 November 2014 | Economy, Energy

The public housing sector has achieved a 12% reduction in energy use over a period of 7 years.

106 housing companies have saved half a terawatt hour in one year. This saving corresponds to the annual household electricity consumption of 200,000 apartments, a success that will inspire many.

The so called Skåne Initiative was launched by SABO’s members companies in 2007. Its objective was for the affiliated housing companies to jointly reduce energy use by 20 per cent by 2016. 106 municipal housing companies are currently affiliated and have together saved twelve per cent since its launch. The average use for these companies was 156 kWh per m2 and year in 2007 compared with 138 kWh in 2013.

Making energy efficiency improvements is hard work, although SABO’s member companies have demonstrated that it is actually possible and profitable. We would gladly share our experiences.

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The most common measures to reduce energy use in properties that our housing companies have taken are:

  • Improving the efficient use of electricity, for example, changing lighting so that buildings use as little electricity as possible
  • Adjusting automation and control systems
  • Measures to save hot water

Facts about SABO’s Skåne Initiative:

  • Sweden’s largest and most ambitious voluntary initiative to improve energy efficiency.
  • Number of affiliated companies: 106
  • Total number of apartments: 396,000
  • Proportion of the SABO companies’ total area: 54%
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