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10 minutes with Axel Gedaschko, President of GdW

Meet the faces behind housing providers across Europe

Berlin, 29 August 2016 | Social, Urban, Economy, Energy
Axel Gedaschko, President of GdW
Axel Gedaschko, President of GdW

Every month we introduce you to one of the people leading the work of our member organisations. In this edition, we fly to the German capital, Berlin to meet Axel Gedaschko the Director of our member, GdW. Axel introduces the organisation, gives us information about the perception of housing in the country and shares some thoughts about the current challenges at national and regional level. Plus, as usual, he presents his own way to strike a good life-work balance.



  • I would describe GdW in 10 words as a think tank and driving force for affordable housing in Germany.
  • Our key objective is good and safe housing.
  • Apart from housing provision, our mission is to support our companies to be able to take care of the individual and the neighbourhoods in all situations.
  • We joined Housing Europe because we believe in the power of the European idea: Being stronger together. 


In Germany

  • Housing is considered to be in Germany a human right.
  • Our key partners in the country are our 3000 companies, our 12 million tenants, the governments at federal and regional level, the parliaments and partner organisations.
  • Our main housing policy priority at the moment is to avoid excessive regulation for the market, to stop ever more expensive political ideas and to participate in the so called "Energiewende", the German energy transition.
  • The major challenge for the country today is to keep our society together in times of digitalisation and to be competitive in global economics as part of a free and peaceful European family.

In person

  • I start my working day with a coffee!
  • After leaving the office I like to be alone for a while to come down.
  • Currently I am reading a study on blockchain technology, while listening to the sound of the wind and birds.
  • I move around by car, train, plane and very rarely I am able to use my bike.
  • I prefer having on my table a good glass of wine ;-)
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