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The value of housing related data

A sneak peek into the latest developments in Dutch social housing

The Hague, 25 October 2016 | The future of the EU & Housing

What is the added value of the Local Housing Monitor developed by Aedes jointly with the tenants' union and the municipalities? How is the Benchmarking system in the Netherlands going to be further developed. Sebastien Garnier, Head of European Affairs for our Dutch member, Aedes presents a brief overview of the latest developments in Dutch social housing.


Aedes Local Housing Monitor

The Federation of the Dutch Social Housing Providers, Aedes developed a Local Housing Monitor together with the tenants union (Woonbond) and the municipalities (VNG, G4, G32). For the first time people can access data about availability and affordability of social housing in their region, town or, in some cases, neighbourhood.

One outcome shows that, on a national average, 15% of tenants of social housing corporations pay a price that is high compared to their income and 14% is paying a relatively low rent compared to their income. 

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The Aedes Benchmark evolves

Three years after its launch, we decided to continue the development of the Aedes benchmark. Housing corporations can compare themselves and show their performance to key stakeholders based on a set of five indicators: Tenant’s satisfaction, Operating costs, Maintenance & improvement, Availability & affordability; and Environmental sustainability (energy performance). 

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