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Italy: Student housing as part of urban regeneration

The case of Palazzo del Carbone

Reggio Emilia, 8 December 2016 | Social, Urban
Photos: Marco Corradi
Photos: Marco Corradi

Palazzo del Carbone is a student housing project that was recently completed in Reggio Emilia, Italy and is part of a plan to regenerate the historical centre of Reggio Emilia. Housing Europe Research Coordinator, Dr. Agata Krause visited the site and reports.

Initiative of a value of 5mln Euros was delivered via public-private partnership between the Commune de Reggio Emilia and Insitute Immobiliare Italiano del Nord, the University and ACER Reggio Emilia, the local member of Federcasa. 4,5 million Euros were donated from Insitute Immobiliare Italiano del Nord which is part of the Max Mara group. 500 000 Euros comes from public funding.

Thanks to the initiative 20 apartments of various dimensions with 56 sleeping places were created. Rent surface in the complex varies between 50 and 120 square meters, while the cost can be as little as 160 Euros per bedroom, or 320 Euros per apartment depending on the size. Rent includes common charges, lift and wireless internet connection.

Investment started in 2014 and was completed in 2016 offering affordable, quality housing to 450 students of the food innovation programme and the musical school from 11 countries.

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