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That’s how everything started…

History Series #1

Brussels, 4 October 2013 | Social

A new column debuts today on our blog. On the occasion of the 25-year anniversary since the creation of CECODHAS Housing Europe (link), we will attempt to guide you through the history of the organization, starting in the end of the ’80s and walking all the way through to the present day. Affordable housing for all has always been a universal demand as part of the European social contract.

July 1987: Jacques Delors welcomes in Brussels a delegation from major European social housing federations. Their bold mission was to do everything possible to provide “a roof over the head of every European”. A few months later, on the 4th of March 1988 CECODHAS was born, holding its constituent general meeting in Brussels. Jürgen Steinert from West Germany is elected as the first ever president.

At the time, Europe was in a deepening housing crisis with as many as 5 million people homeless and another 30 million or more living under poor housing conditions. National governments were cutting subsidies for social housing within a background of economic recession, rising unemployment and belt tightening across the continent. Does this remind you of anything?

To be continued next Friday, October 11…


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