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SLRB (member)

Société du Logement de la Région de Bruxelles-Capitale

The main objective of SLRB (Society for Housing of the Brussels Capital Region) is to promote social housing in the Brussels-Capital Region in cooperation with 16 real estate societies in the public service. SLRB is essentially an organization which finances the social housing sector.

It aims to increase the supply of social housing especially by constructing new dwellings and renovating older ones. SLRB contributes to the urban social cohesion by inserting social housing in the urban areas and avoiding the formation of ghettos.

It is responsible for the acquisition and repartition of the necessary capital for the financing of the social housing sector among the 16 public real estate societies in Brussels. Altogether, they manage over 39.384 housing units (6.8% of the housing stock in the Brussels Capital region).