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The National Housing Agency was established in 1993 as a self financing institution under the Ministry of Urban Development of Albania to lead the implementation of programs on national housing policy.

Since its establishment in 1993 NHA has provided in total housing to more than 15,000 families in the whole territory of the country. This figure represents:

  • 13,200 families housed in new dwellings built and sold under favourable conditions;
  • 1,200 families, housed in dwellings that were bought in the market and sold under favourable conditions some;
  • 1,100 families housed in buildings, transformed into housing and privatised under favourable conditions

NHA has been engaged only in houses that are sold to beneficiaries. Therefore, until present, it doesn’t manage any housing stock.

NHA activity is concentrated into housing provision. Except of new construction, it has also operated in the market by buying existing housing in the cities where the cost of construction is lower than the prices of the houses in the market. This activity was conducted making use of state funding.

Since 2007, due to the new legislation for housing that passes the housing responsibility to local authorities, NHA has mainly used its own funds for investing in new houses, where the market prices are higher than the cost of construction. Buying from the market can be done directly by the beneficiaries of the local government lists and through loans from the banks. A state programme for subsidising the interest of the loan is applied for certain categories.

NHA is also engaged in privatisation of the buildings, which are not provided for housing purposes, but are transformed into housing by inhabitants. They prepare the whole procedure and documentation for the privatisation, according to the existing regulations.