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Supporting countries with housing systems in transition

The Housing Europe Ad-Hoc Group starts work

Prague, 15 November 2017 | Published in Housing Systems in Transition

On 13 November 2017, our new Ad-hoc working group on housing systems in transition came together for the first time on the premises of the Ministry for Social Inclusion in Prague. This kick-off meeting was an important milestone in supporting Housing Europe Members, Partners but also organizations from other countries who have expressed an interest in addressing urgent housing needs on the ground. The meeting highlighted the necessity to start engaging know-how from the front line.

The Working Group brings together Members and Partners mainly from Eastern and Southern Europe that need more support on developing housing policies. The meeting was chaired by Dr. Özgür Öner, Head of EU Affairs of GdW and Chair of the Urban Affairs Committee of Housing Europe and Professor Gabriel Amitsis, Professor at the Technical Educational Institute of Athens, an academic partner of Housing Europe who will also be the Vice-Chair of this Ad-Hoc Group.

David Pospíšil, Director of Department of Social Services, Social Work and Social Housing in Prague welcomed the participants who then discussed the aims, structure and potential tools of the Ad-hoc group and then went into more detail on the on-going discussions on the Czech housing system.

Furthermore, Representatives of the Czech Ministry (Linda Sokačová, Head of the Unit of Social Housing and Social Inclusion, Katerina Hubena, Guarantor of international cooperation, Social Housing Support Project, Department of Social Services, Social Work and Social Housing) presented the main elements of a new project running in the Czech Republic financed under ESF.

Moreover, funding opportunities for energy efficiency and the set-up of a Network of experts were also explored. Finally, the roundtable discussion on national experiences, existing expertise, and expectations was key in helping to define the next steps of the collaboration.

A more detailed report will be available soon. You may find the presentations held during the meeting at the bottom of the page.