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'Financing the Energy Transition in the Housing Sector'

An Affordable Housing Initiative Summit

29 September 2023 | Published in Urban, Housing Systems in Transition

The Finance Summit was organised in the framework of the EU Affordable Housing Initiative and through the European Affordable Housing Consortium Housing Europe is leading. Our main aim - to bridge EU policy and innovative best practices to help local actors deliver, based on available national and EU resources, more specifically, on the financing aspect of fast-tracking innovation in the renovation of social and affordable housing districts as a means to mitigate the negative social impact of rising prices.


Five EU ministers in charge of housing, social and affordable housing providers, policymakers, and financial actors travelled to Paris to debate the hurdles faced by housing providers, municipalities, and companies across the continent to access funding as they look to move the Renovation Wave and the New European Bauhaus forward.

Given the sector’s reliance on sustainable, long-term finance, the spotlight was on the role of the European Investment Bank (EIB) and the Council of Europe Development Bank (CEB) . Speaking of successful practices with the major contribution of EU banks, we put forward the experience of the European Alliance for Social Housing in France, a unique partnership between EIB, CEB, the national bank Caisse des Depots, and social housing providers united by USH, that allows housing providers to receive funding for projects that would normally not qualify for such investments, given their size and capital.

Another important highlight of the Summit was the official launch of the State of Housing in Europe 2023 report, Housing Europe's flagship publication, which provided a complex (and yet as simplified as possible) overview of the situation in 17 countries, including topics such as the post pandemic situation, the consequences of a new migration wave or the changes that followed the energy crisis.

We invite you to discover many other valuable insights on achieving an integrated district renewal and a fair energy transition, on what financing mechanisms are suited for renovation, or on how to address labour shortage.


Download the full report below.