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Check my nZEB skills!

How PROF/TRAC helps housing providers manage the right set of nZEB-skills

Brussels, 27 April 2018 | Published in Energy

Horizon 2020 funded PROF/TRAC has been recently concluded with the final event organised by Housing Europe in Brussels. As a follow up to our three-year involvement in it, our Innovation and Project Manager, Sebastien Garnier has put together the briefing below aiming to explain how PROF/TRAC helps housing providers to manage the right set of nZEB-skills.

Social and affordable housing managers face several challenges to lift the number of their dwellings towards Nearly Zero Energy Buildings-levels (nZEB). The upgrading of the energy performance of new and existing housing as required by the European Energy Directives, needs to go hand in hand with affordable housing costs and optimal comfort-level for their residents.

The financial room for manoeuvre is restricted.  It requires special skills from housing professionals and their providers to design and execute well-balanced nZEB projects from a technical, financial and social point of view.

PROF/TRAC offers several tools to help organizations to check if the all the adequate set of skills are on board to take on the nZEB challenges. This is not limited to the skills managed internally. The level of nZEB-skills of providers is just as important for successful nZEB projects.

Such key questions also guide strategic decisions about your future HR-selection, skills training, outsourcing policies and supply chain management. This briefing explains how PROF/TRAC helps housing providers to manage the right set of nZEB-skills.