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EUR2 billion EIB funding available to boost cities to become climate-neutral

Some already work with public or social housing

Valencia, Spain, 28 June 2024 | Published in Energy, Future of the EU & Housing

The EU’s Mission of “100 Climate-Neutral and Smart Cities by 2030” aims to drastically reduce greenhouse gas emissions through climate action to achieve ‘climate neutrality’.

The designated cities, 100 coming from all 27 EU countries and 12 coming from Horizon Europe associated countries, are receiving tailor-made advice and support from the Mission Platform, managed by NetZeroCities, to test innovative cross-sectoral approaches including citizen engagement, stakeholder management, and internal governance to accelerate their path to climate neutrality.

Awarded to be the EU Green Capital in 2024, the city of Valencia in Spain, hosted the EU Cities Mission Conference (25-26 June). Being a Valenciana herself, our Innovation and Project Officer, Clara Mafé happened to be in the city at the same time and attended the event.

At the conference, the President of the European Investment Bank (EIB) Nadia Calviño, announced a new lending envelope of €2 billion dedicated to support Mission Labelled Cities' investment plans. Through the Climate City Contracts (CCCs), which include an overall plan for climate neutrality across all sectors, such as energy, buildings, waste management, and transport, as well as related investment plans, pubic, cooperative, and social housing providers can tap into this funding to test mitigation and adaptation projects. The cities of Lund (Sweden) and Turku (Finland) are already collaborating with public housing providers as part of Climate City Contracts. 


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