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The Housing Solutions Platform

A strong alliance for affordable housing in Europe

Brussels, 16 August 2018 | Published in Economy, Social

The Housing Solutions Platform is a new, expertise- and practice-driven initiative to identify, debate and promote innovative solutions for affordable housing in Europe.

It is a joint venture of Housing EuropeFEANTSA and the Fondation Abbé Pierre.

The Platform seeks to make a contribution to addressing Europe’s housing crises. It will connect people, ideas, tools and practices to help generate housing solutions. The Platform aims to go beyond the usual prescriptions and debates. It will focus on innovative solutions and will bring together experts from across Europe, with a broad range of perspectives from different sectors.

Our Secretary General, Sorcha Edwards highlights the added value the Platform brings to the work of Housing Europe and its members:

"Today more than ever before, the housing crisis Europe is confronted with calls for collective action and for efforts that go beyond the limits of policies and regulation now in place. We think that the creation of the HSP is something that simply had to be done to further strengthen our already established collaboration with FEANTSA and Fondation Abbé Pierre. Forging this partnership at European level, while helping us to amplify how public, cooperative and social housing providers, often despite difficult circumstances, are  adapting and innovating to respond to new realities, will also help deliver concrete support from EU level for projects which go further to reach growing numbers of people facing housing exclusion. For us, HSP is the vehicle that allows us together with key partners on  issues which affect the ecosystem in which public, cooperative and social housing providers have to operate.”