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Public, cooperative and social housing providers at the heart of Europe’s Green New Deal

Highlights from Housing Europe HEART Workshop

Brussels, 18 December 2019 | Published in Energy, Economy, Social
HEART - Public, cooperative and social housing providers at the heart of Europe’s Green New Deal

Public, cooperative and social housing providers combine all necessary qualities to be placed at the heart of Europe’s Green New Deal. This was key message of the Workshop organized by Housing Europe on December at the House of the Dutch Provinces, aiming to bring together the local realities around the renovation of Europe’s housing stock, the technical and social innovation unlocking the sector’s potential and the big policy picture related to the flagship initiative of the new European Commission that just took office.

The event that took place within the framework of the Horizon 2020 HEART Project, kicked off with a panel discussion bringing together Emmanuelle Maire, Head of unit for sustainable production, products and consumption at DG Environment of the European Commission, MEP Kim van Sparrentaak (the Netherlands, Greens), Robin van Leijen, Head of EU Affairs for Aedes and Deputy Secretary General of Housing Europe, Julien Dijol. All participants highlighted the need for the energy transition the Commission is aiming for to be fair and inclusive, stressing the role of public, cooperative and social housing providers that are leading the way like the Dutch Federation of Social Housing Associations, Aedes that are working already for a carbon neutral stock- the largest in the continent (32% of the total in the country)- by 2050.

The event concluded with three hands-on working sessions that provided answers to some practical questions that rise when measures are about to be implemented on the ground. In what ways can Smart Energy Renovation solutions be tailored to people’s needs? How can we “teach” a building to predict and adapt? And why is it key to overcome the terminology hurdle to make sure no one is left behind?

Participants had the chance to enjoy also 4 ‘innovation shots’, drawing inspiration from flash presentations sharing the main points of both successful Horizon 2020 projects and local initiatives that received international support like ASTER. Triple-A Reno opened the first round of presentations triggering a lively debate with attendees around the potential of gamification in energy refurbishment.

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