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Syn.ikia Horizon 2020 project kicks off

Towards plus sustainable energy neighbourhoods

Trondheim, 31 January 2020 | Published in Energy, Urban

We are happy to share that syn.ikia, our new project in Housing Europe, kicked-off on January 20th on the premises of the coordinating partner, the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU) in Trondheim, Norway. The meeting was attended by all partners of the consortium and Housing Europe, leader of the communication and dissemination work was there with Project and Innovation Manager, Sebastien Garnier and Junior Project Officer, Clara Mafe.

Syn.ikia ­– Greek for “neighbourhood” – is a project funded under the topic “LC-EEB-03-2019: New developments in plus energy houses (IA) of the H2020 Research and Innovation programme. Syn.ikia aims at increasing the number of Plus Energy Neighbourhoods (PEN) – they produce more energy than they use – in four different climate zones in Europe (Subartic, Oceanic, Continental and Mediterranean) by 2024. The relevance and innovativeness of syn.ikia lies on its ambition to upscale the plus energy targets from the individual building level to neighbourhood level.

The Kick-off meeting in Trondheim was a great opportunity to bring the project team together, start forging relationships among partners and align objectives and expectations. During the two-day meeting special attention was given to the overall vision of the project and urban planning work on the different demonstration sites prior to implementation: the technologies to be used, specifications of materials and methods, and social sustainability for residents.

Housing Europe will lead the work on communication, dissemination and stakeholder engagement. We will ensure content alignment within and outside the project by tailoring syn.ikia’s message to diverse target audiences of practitioners and policymakers who will spread the word and push the PEN idea a step further. Through syn.ikia’s online presence and engagement activities, Housing Europe will foster an actively involved community of experts and stakeholders in the fields of energy efficiency and housing.

Syn.ikia activities will be an essential part of Housing Europe’s contribution to the EU Green Deal and to a carbon neutral Europe by 2050. We are really looking forward to getting started on our journey to make plus energy neighbourhoods happen for a decarbonised and just Europe for its residents.

Stay tuned for any upcoming engagement opportunities through the Housing Europe website, the syn.ikia project website will be online soon as well at!